Yamm! Vegetarian Restaurant, Vienna

In Vienna, Yamm! was a great find; we really enjoyed this place. It was close to our hotel and pretty much everything else we wanted to go and see. Sometimes, we even popped in for a drink or two.

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Yamm! is conveniently located right across from the university –the one Sigmund Freud attended. The décor is quite contemporary. There are tables outside and the weather is just perfect in the summer to sit there and enjoy a balmy Viennese evening.

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The Buffet

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The food here is presented as a vegetarian buffet (above) and you pay by the weight. Here’s how it works: Once you go inside, they give you a card which is very much like Sydney’s Opal card or London’s Oyster card. It’s just green; happy green. You go to the buffet and pick a plate (there are different sizes) and start filling it up with whatever you choose. Then you go the scales. That part a little tricky but if you’re struggling –like me –waiters/waitresses help you. Then, you sit down and order your drinks.

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The style of food here is international. The buffet is reasonably big with neon lights at the top. It’s full of a large variety of warm and cold foods from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and European cuisines. Although, it’s a vegetarian buffet, vegan dishes are labelled. So are gluten free and dairy free dishes.

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My plate (below).

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There is a soup section with bowls on one side, against the wall and the dessert section on the other side.


And the Wine…
We did fall in love with Austrian wines. For us it was love at first sip. To top it all up, the wines at Yamm! are organic. We tried: Muskateller, Reisling and a pinot noir. Here’s the details:

Gelber Muskateller 2012 from an organic vineyard called Zillinger. Austrians know how to make aromatics with fruity notes. For me, this was the winner.

Reisling DAC Sprinzenberg 2010 from an organic vineyard called Geyerhof. I do enjoy dry style white wines and this was one of the elegant examples of that style.

Pinot Noir Steinbügel from Castle Graf Hardegg
This was stunning the first time we had it. The second time around it wasn’t good so we sent it back and they opened a new bottle. It wasn’t a problem, they said and it was back to stunning again.