LoVeg Vegan Cuisine and Specialties, Prague

LoVeg Vegan Cuisine and Specialties, Prague

We were on our way to Prague Castle and surprised to see a sign saying “LoVeg Vegan Restaurant 222m” in an area called The Lesser Town (see the left corner of the photo below). It was lunch time and we decided to go and have a bite to eat without questioning the ingredients –although Prague has been really good with our kind of food.

After 222 metres, we found the place and started to climb the stairs. It was kind of eerie and dark but you get there.

When you do get there… this is what it looks like. There is another staircase (the iron one in the photo) to go upstairs, to the roof which we haven’t been.

Menu at LoVeg is bilingual and quite an international one too. From Asian to Czech specialties, everything is pretty much covered. There is nothing special about the food, I must say; it’s just vegan food. Since we stopped by for lunch, we didn’t want anything too big. So, John had Thai coconut curry (tofu, mushroom, sweet peas and spring onion) which is served with jasmine rice. I didn’t take a photo of it as I find curries not so photogenic. I, on the other hand, opted for LoVeg Burger which is made of beetroot, chickpeas, tempeh, “vegan bacon” and served with salad leaves, tomato, Dijon mustard and baked potato. And I do have a photo of it.

To drink we both had a glass of home-made lemonade with a citrus mix (orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon). The waitress made it fresh behind the bar where we could see it.

Although, as a vegetarian, I ask for food without a face but my burger bun had one 🙂 as you can see in the photo above.

The view from the window (above)

LoVeg Vegan Cuisine and Specialties can be found in this address:
Nerudova 221/36, 118 00 Praha 1
Website (not in English, by the way)