Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant with Berfu

Finally, Berfu finished and submitted her thesis and we decided to celebrate at Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant with a bottle of Italian wine Elif (Berfu’s mother) sent for us (as seen in the photo below).

John had the same dish again because he can’t help himself (English Spinach and Kumara Gnocchi served in a Lemon and Garlic Cream sauce).

I had Nutty Leek and Cheese Tart (Handmade puff pastry with a combination of Gruyere, Mozzarella, Fetta and Parmesan cheeses with Walnuts and Lemon Thyme and served with Ratatouille)

The funniest event of the night was that we were trying to take a selfie. Someone from the next table told us that one of the guys sitting closer to us could take our photo. So, he did take our photo after struggling with John’s phone. You’re allowed to laugh as we did 🙂

That’s me but not all of me 🙂

Purpose of this photo? I don’t know but you can’t complain as it would’ve been  like the one before that.