Having Turkish coffee

Having coffee “in” Istanbul

I had my coffee in Istanbul, this morning.

Sometimes, you just need to grab your Kindle…

Sometimes, you just need to grab your Kindle and have your coffee in Istanbul…

Our Xmas Dinner (2014)

Sometimes we just want a non-traditional Xmas. And it looks like this…

Aztecs Conquest and Glory Exhibition at Australian Museum

aztecs (800x595)

A rich and brutal story – the birth of modern Mexico. Aztec daily life with gods, demons, warriors, slaves, nobles, afterlife and human sacrifice.

Alien Cookie

DPP_00017 (1280x960)

Mum has this fantastic Sultana Hokey Pokey Biscuits recipe which I asked for and she was more than happy to share. However, none of us was expecting this fella on my second attempt to making hokies and pokies 🙂

Meet Patty :)

patty (800x600)
I always feel like somebody’s watching meeeee 🙂

Patty is our neighbour’s dog. She likes to peek through the gap. We asked her Dad not to fix the fence 🙂

Mexican Dinner at Shirley and Mario’s

Renaissance to Goya Exhibition at Art Gallery of NSW

IMG_0003 (800x798)

Renaissance to Goya exhibition at Art Gallery of New South Wales. Prints and drawings from Spain. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos.

IMG_0002 (792x800)

IMG_0002 (792x800) - Copy

IMG_0004 (397x800)


Our Wedding Anniversary

Dad came to celebrate our wedding anniversary with us. Here we are, at Nilgiri’s.