Bok Sushi Bar and Vegetarian Restaurant, Vienna

I never thought I would type in “shit” to be published here but the name of this restaurant (bok) means exactly that in Turkish! There is a big Turkish community in Vienna. I don’t how they are handling it 🙂

I found out about this place during my search for vegetarian restaurants in parts of Europe before we even got to Vienna. Not because of their reputation or anything, simply because of the meaning of “Bok” in Turkish. If only they had known… Of course, we didn’t tell them but we had to try it out.

We took the bus (or tram) to go and find this place but it was worth it. I don’t know about you but after trying vegetarian versions of every single local dish we end up missing a large dose of vegetables. When that happens, we start searching for a vegetarian Asian restaurant. So, this is exactly what happened: The urge for vegetable dishes kicked in and we found ourselves at the door of Bok Restaurant.

It’s a small place with an air of family-run restaurant. They are specialised in sushi and other Asian delicacies. They have a menu with pictures which helps as they don’t speak very good English there.

As for the starters, we had Hana Sushi. It is the inside out style of sushi which was fresh and delicious. It came with pickled ginger and wasabi paste.

Hana Sushi (below)

IMG_4492 (1024x768)

As for the main, we had Crispy Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce to share. This was also quite delicious. The teriyaki sauce was not too heavy or sticky. The vegetables were cooked lightly so they were nice and crispy.

IMG_4489 (1024x768)