Nilgiri’s with Hürol and Peren

It has been a crazy week for me. I had a lot to do; taking donations to Salvation Army shop (when I say that, what I really mean is carrying the actual donations to the shop. Twice), things to mail, people to catch up with, give support to a dear friend at the time of her mother’s operation. I must admit, all in all, this is who I am. A loyal friend who is there for all the people I LOVE.

Among all that, one of our dear friends, Hürol, had his niece (Peren) who was visiting from Turkey. A bright, young girl who did her apprenticeship here in Sydney. And she was leaving on Friday. So, we had to catch up quick. And the good thing was, Nilgiri’s was our safe heaven. I quickly booked a table for us. It was a great place to have a fantastic meal and say goodbye to Peren, too.

So, here’s what we had at Nilgiri’s:

PALAK SAMOSA (spiced spinach, ‘paneer’ & potatoes, green herb pastry, mango & tamarind chutney)

SHAKARKHAND CHAAT (smoked sweet potato patties, hung yoghurt & mint chatni)

LAHSOONI DAL MAKHANI (slow-cooked trio of lentils fresh garlic, green chillies, ginger & tomatoes)

ADRAKI PALAK PANEER (house-made fresh paneer, spinach with cumin, fenugreek & ginger crisps)

Zarda Pulau